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Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

we hope you will enjoy the show

2 July
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Making the most of a bad time...

80's, across five aprils, adam sandler, aim, alkaline trio, all american rejects, anima sola, armor for sleep, art, atreyu, bands, being alone, being lazy, beloved, best freinds, black, black and white pictures, black finger nails, blue, booty shakin, box car racer, boys, bury your dead, buttons, cameras, candles, candy, candyland, cold, comedy, concerts, confusion, converse, cool hand luke, dancing, darkness, dashboard confessional, day dreaming, drawing, drop dead fred, earings, edward scissor hands, eighteen visions, elton john, empire records, evergreen terrace, five iron frenzy, friends, fruit, funny things, george harrison, giggling, glow in the dark, green day, hugs, jerk, jerry seinfeld, jim carey, jimmy eat world, john lennon, johnny depp, journals, kisses, laughing, laying under the stars, living sacrafice, love, mac and cheese, making fun of people, mexican food, monkeys, music, mxpx, naps, nelly, new found glory, nightime, nor am i, norma jean, orange juice, over reacting, patches, paul mccartney, photography, pictures, poison the well, pop rocks, posters, procrastinating, punk rawkers, rain, red, ringo starr, rootbeer, running away, sarcasm, saves the day, sex, sienfeld, since the flood, sleeping, slick shoes, sneaking around, stars, strawberrys, summer, swimming, taco bell, taking back sunday, talking on the phone, television, the ataris, the beatles, the juliana theory, the used, the white stripes, thinking, thursday, twister, underoath, unearth, vacations, vanilla, warm fuzzy feelings, weezer, whip cream